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In giving out information from Sword of Light & Truth Ministries, Inc. or other materials exposing the New Age,  please consider the following suggestions:

Present the material in a friendly, low-key way such as " Read this.  It is really interesting, and tell me what you think about it."  Ask them about it  a few days later.

If you get a negative reaction, that is a clue that the person had been exposed to or has been into some of the New Age ideas or practices.  Avoid arguments.  Just listen and speak to them only if they are willing to discuss it. If you can talk to them, be sure and tell them that the VATICAN has a document called, Jesus, the Bearer of the Water of Life,  and it has identified New Age practices and have asked centers of spirituality to stop teaching it.   The document also says that it "cannot be viewed as positive or innocuous (harmless)" It goes on to say "It is therefore necessary to accurately identify those elements which belong to the New Age movement, and which cannot be accepted by those who are faithful to Christ and his Church."  If they still insist that New Age is "harmless" just discontinue the discussion.     Remain friendly to them, but keep them in your prayers.  The infiltration of the New Age Movement is widespread among clergy and lay people.  They think they are into something "harmless"  or they think they can add New Age to their Catholicism or mix it in with no problem.

If a person you know is already involved in New Age practices, pray for them for several weeks for an open, humble heart  before you give them any info.  If they reject the information, pray for them daily.  But keep in mind that even though those who have fallen into New Age practices have a right to know that these practices are not compatible with the Catholic faith.   The Vatican documents states, "People need, and have a right to, reliable information on the differences between Christianity and New Age." Pray that they can put pride aside (wanting to be right) and to be able to listen to the truth and accept it. 

Many of the New Age Catholics are very good people who love the Lord, but they have been deceived into thinking that they can mix in the "good" things from Hinduism and Buddhism, and it will enhance their spiritual life. They have been deceived by the Evil One.  They are forgetting that these religions are ancient pagan religions whose beliefs contain very grave errors that are contrary to the Christian faith.  They were devised centuries ago before the Old Testament and the New Testament came to be. The ancient people did not have the Revelation that we have today.   To mix the beliefs and practices of ancient pagan religions into Catholicism or the Christian faith is not progress, but a GIANT STEP BACKWARDS.

In summary, please help me to spread the truth by simply giving out these materials to family and friends.  Thank you and may God bless you.

                                                                                            Anne Feaster   

"For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, in following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths."

2 Tim:4:3

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